Bilingual Legal Writing

About the Course

This training program aims to develop your legal writing skills at a professional level by teaching you how to draft a variety of legal documents that you will inevitably have to deal with in your professional career. It focuses on a modern style of drafting and gives more attention to the legal drafting in English.


Documents taught both in Arabic and English:
• Legal Opinion
• General Assembly Meeting Minutes
• Letter of Engagement (LOE)
• Retainer Letter
• Power of Attorney
• Board of Directors Resolution
• Proxy

Documents taught in Arabic only:
• Prima facie lawsuit writ
• Memorandum of defense for civil and commercial lawsuits
• Court legal notice.

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO)

• Fundamentals of legal writing
• Structure of each document
• Theories and practices for each document
• Use of law and court judgments in some documents
• How to edit and review documents you have drafted.


1250 L.E

Certified by

MPL Legal Academy


12 Hours