Business Lawyer Certificate

About the Course

BLC (Business Lawyer Certificate) is the first comprehensive legal training program designed by topnotch corporate lawyers from various reputable law firms in addition to in-house lawyers and managers of the legal affairs from the banking sector to qualify law students & graduates for the labor market through providing them with the required practical experiences.

 So if you are looking for legal training and professional development to support your career aspiration, our professional development diploma (Business Lawyer Certificate-BLC) can fulfill your requirements and will give you a cutting edge.


Part I: Language aspect

A-   TOLES Foundation:
Overview: The Foundation Exam has been described by employers as ‘an
excellent bridge for international law students between the world of university and the world of work’. As well as testing legal English, the Foundation Exam develops an awareness of the real tasks a lawyer carries out in an international legal office and focuses on real and recent legal developments and cases. For this reason,
even learners with advanced general English can benefit from the Foundation Exam.

B- Legal Translation:
Overview: a one session gives you a real chance to develop your legal translation skills, because it mainly focuses on the very practical side of legal translation as if you have joined a translation firm as a trainee.


Part II: Technical aspect:

C-   Bilingual Contract Drafting & Legal Writing:

Overview: This training program mainly aims to provide you with the required knowledge and skills to be able to draft and prepare most common types of commercial contracts (e.g. lease, franchise, SPAs, agency, distribution, etc.) and make you familiar with every part/section of those contracts. It further teaches you how to professionally include the needs, desires and interests of your client in the contract and how to make sure that the wording of the contract is favorable to your client. Many practical assignments are given to learners throughout the training program to make sure that they can actually use the knowledge they are receiving and professionally draft the different clauses of a commercial contract, also this program aims to develop your legal writing skills at a professional level by teaching you how to draft a variety of legal documents that you will inevitably have to deal with in your professional career. It focuses on a modern style of drafting and gives more attention to the legal drafting in English.


D-   Corporate Law & Labor Law:

Overview This training program provides you with all information and practical experience to become experienced in all incorporation procedures of all types of companies and business entities; to be able to follow up the company in its growth stage and make any required amendments including ordinary and extraordinary general passing by M&As and IPOs till the liquidation or insolvency stages. Beside that we will teach you all the disputes related to labor law and employment right’s and obligation under the Egyptian law.


E-    Shareholder Agreement:

1- Definition of the shareholders agreement.

2- How the amendment of law no 4/2018 addresses and codifies the shareholders agreement.

3- Comparison between the Articles of association and the shareholders agreement.

4- The importance of concluding Shareholders agreement (cases that require to conclude such agreement).

5- Purposes of shareholders agreement.

6- Authenticity of the shareholders agreement and what if its articles contradict with the articles of association of the company.

7- Most common provisions in shareholders’ agreement.

8- Template of shareholders agreement (English version).



F-   Intellectual Property Rights:

Overview: Intellectual property protection is critical to fostering innovation. Without
protection of ideas, businesses and individuals would not reap the full benefits of
their inventions and would focus less on research and development. Similarly,
artists would not be fully compensated for their creations and cultural vitality would
suffer as a result.


G-  Corporate Litigation:
Overview: Through this session you will get to know all about the most popular crimes related to the corporate sector such as the insolvency, banking crimes and the crimes related to joint stock companies.


8500 L.E

Certified by

MPL Legal Academy


120 hours