Capital Market

About the Course

Through this training program, you will learn about the concept of capital market, the companies operating in the field of securities, the listing procedure, and the most important crimes of the stock market (stock exchange) and how to deal with them.


• What are the companies operating in the field of securities? And how are they incorporated?
• What is a stock market?
• What are the authorities involved in the listing process?
• What are the duties and powers of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Exchange?
• What are the duties and powers of the Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA)?
• What is the Nile Stock Exchange? And how is a company listed in it?
• What are the most common types of stock market crimes?
• Is it permissible to make conciliation in stock exchange's criminal offenses?
• Why has it been ruled that arbitration in stock market crimes is unconstitutional?
• What is the role of the Arbitration Center that was established under the provisions of Law no. (10) of 2009?
• Case studies

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO)

• How to incorporate a company that is subject to Capital Market Law
• Familiarity with corporate governance rules
• How to list a company in the stock exchange
• Familiarity with the most famous capital market crimes from both technical and legal perspectives
• How to deal with investigation authorities in respect of capital market crimes


0 L.E

Certified by

MPL Legal Academy


24 hours