Finance Lease

About the Course

Finance lease has become one of the most important modern finance tools to which major financial institutions tend as an alternative to loans, since it involves several advantages. The increasing volume of finance lease transactions has led legislators to develop it as a non-banking finance tool and overcome the obstacles encountering finance lease companies through enactment of special laws and issuance of ministerial decrees. This expansion has led many major banks and financial institutions to establish finance lease companies so as to take part in this activity as a successful finance tool. This training program presents the most important practical legal points that finance lease professionals are likely to face, as described in the content below.


• Introduction to finance lease as a non-banking finance tool in the light of Law no. (95) of 1995
• Types of finance lease
• Assets eligible for finance lease
• Finance lease contract (essential clauses)
• Why do investors prefer finance lease to other finance tools?
• What are the regulators governing finance lease activities? And what are their role in controlling and supporting them?
• Volume of finance lease activities in Egypt according to latest statistics of the Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA).
• Most important legal work involved in finance lease activities
• Role of the legal department in a finance lease company
• Securing the ownership status of the real property in question (checking ownership before the transaction and completing ownership transfer after granting of finance)
• Legal advices (most important points raised)
• Finance lease contracts and documents (from the finance contract of the finance lease companies to the sale of the asset to the client at the end of the period).
• Overview of the most important guarantees and/or payment tools received from a client:
1. Commercial papers (checks/promissory notes).
2. Bank standing instructions.
3. Joint guarantee.
4. Assignment of right.
• Government bodies involved in finance lease activities.
• Finance lease activities of special nature
• Guarantee agency and collection for the benefit of banks
• Multi-party finance lease contracts (multiple leasers/multiple leassees/multiple financing banks).

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO)

• Concept of finance lease and assets eligible for it
• General awareness of finance lease from a practical perspective
• Differentiate between finance lease and other non-banking finance activities
• Legal work required for finance lease companies from a practical perspective
• Methods for securing the ownership of the assets in question (based on the status of each individual asset)
• Most practical points with regard to the guarantees of funds granted under finance lease
• Awareness of the finance lease activities of special nature.


6000 L.E

Certified by

MPL Legal Academy


40 hours