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This diploma has been designed by top corporate lawyers from a various reputable law firms in addition to in-house lawyers and managers of the legal affairs from banking sector, so if you are looking for legal training and professional development to support your career aspiration, our professional development diploma (Business Lawyer Certificate-BLC) can fulfill your requirements and will give you a cutting edge.


• Part 1 : English for Lawyers (EFL) Overview : This training program simply aims to improve your ability to act in a legal environment. It enriches your awareness of the legal use of English language. It mainly focuses on two sides, the first is the ‘legal terminology’ that is commonly used in various branches of law (e.g. commercial, corporate, arbitration, etc.) as outlined below, and the second is the ‘language aspect’ which includes, among other things, how to understand legal phrases and sentences, how to realize the interconnections among different words, how to use punctuation, capitalization, etc. in legal contexts. In order to make sure that learners have absorbed the legal terminology of each branch of law, they are asked to do different types of exercises so that they use the legal terminology correctly and professionally in different legal contexts. Moreover, every learner is asked to make a Power Point presentation in a legal issue of his/her choice, so that he/she can improve search and presentation/speaking skills. • Part 2 : Foundation in Legal Translation (FLT) Overview : This training program gives you a real chance to develop your legal translation skills, because it mainly focuses on the very practical side of legal translation as if you have joined a translation firm as a trainee, Throughout the training program, you will be asked to make many translation tasks, so that you are required to make deep search, use different dictionaries and interact with other learners. These translation tasks will be deeply edited, reviewed and proofread by your instructor and, hence, you will gradually discover your strengths and weaknesses and work on the latter. • Part 3: Contract Drafting (CD) Overview : This training program mainly aims to provide you with the required knowledge and skills to be able to draft and prepare most common types of commercial contracts (e.g. lease, franchise, SPAs, agency, distribution, etc.) and make you familiar with every part/section of those contracts. It further teaches you how to professionally include the needs, desires and interests of your client in the contract and how to make sure that the wording of the contract is favorable to your client. Many practical assignments are given to learners throughout the training program to make sure that they can actually use the knowledge they are receiving and professionally draft the different clauses of a commercial contract. • Part 4 : : Bilingual Legal Writing (BLW) Overview : This training program aims to develop your legal writing skills at a professional level by teaching you how to draft a variety of legal documents that you will inevitably have to deal with in your professional career. It focuses on a modern style of drafting and gives more attention to the legal drafting in English. • Part 5 : Corporate Lawyer (CL) Overview This training program provides you with all information and practical experience to become experienced in all incorporation procedures of all types of companies and business entities; to be able to follow up the company in its growth stage and make any required changes including ordinary and extraordinary general assemblies and approval of board of directors' resolutions; to be able to incorporate branches of foreign companies and representative offices; and finally to handle merger, acquisition, dissolution and/or liquidation phases. The above is covered through a detailed study of Law no. (17) of 1999 Law no. (159) of 19981, in addition to the New Investment Law no. (72) of 2017. • Part 6 : Intellectual Property Rights Overview Intellectual property protection is critical to fostering innovation. Without protection of ideas, businesses and individuals would not reap the full benefits of their inventions and would focus less on research and development. Similarly, artists would not be fully compensated for their creations and cultural vitality would suffer as a result. • Part 7 : The Banking Law Overview This training program aims to qualify law students and graduates as well as legal practitioners to join the banking sector, as it provides all necessary information, skills and expertise in this field. It covers more than 90% of the legal processes carried out in banking institutions. The program instructors are legal affairs experts at major Egyptian banks. • Part 8 : Alternative Dispute Resolution – ADR Overview In this part we will offer you a comprehensive review of dispute resolution, and cover topics such as common causes of conflict and how to overcome them, negotiation skills, and a guide to alternative dispute resolution practices and procedures. Conflict is not always negative and it is important to acknowledge that some conflict can lead to productivity. You will learn about conflict-handling styles that can help you to overcome disputes that arise in your work and personal life and about the optimum level of conflict necessary for high performance. You will also learn tips for negotiation success, the five stages of negotiation, and how you can effectively negotiate with people from different cultures without insulting cultural traditions. There are many ways to overcome disputes and you will learn about alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as a method of conflict resolution. You will learn about ADR practitioners, the most common methods of ADR, and background conditions that are necessary for a successful ADR program. You will also examine case studies to get a full understanding of how ADR programs can be catered to different situations. • Part 9 : Interpersonal Skills Overview Through this final part you will gain some personal skills that will help you in your daily business operation such as: Meeting a client Legal Research Writing emails

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120 hours

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