Contract Drafting (CD)

About the Course

This training program mainly aims to provide you with the required knowledge and skills to be able to draft and prepare most common types of commercial contracts (e.g. lease, franchise, SPAs, agency, distribution, etc.) and make you familiar with every part/section of those contracts. It further teaches you how to professionally include the needs, desires and interests of your client in the contract and how to make sure that the wording of the contract is favorable to your client. Many practical assignments are given to learners throughout the training program to make sure that they can actually use the knowledge they are receiving and professionally draft the different clauses of a commercial contract


1. Contract definition 2. Contract characteristics 3. Types of contracts 4. Drafting techniques 5. Structure of a contract 6. Language of contract law 7. Benefits of drafting with plain English 8. Principles of contract interpretation 9. How to draft: • covenants • conditions precedent • termination clause • indemnification clause • liquidated damages clause • boilerplate provisions • arbitration and dispute resolution clause 10. how to soften remedies provisions 11. Contract drafting mistakes 12. The common terms for several common and uncommon contracts 13. Characteristics of international contracts and electronic contracts

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO)

• Differentiate between different types of contracts • Draft contracts from start to finish, in both Arabic and English, without usage of prepared templates • Review contracts and spot legal and language mistakes

Certified by

MPL Legal academy & Fusion


27 hours

Fees & Payments Details

  • Bank Transfer: Alex bank account 144038226001
  • Vodafone Cash number: 01025753652
  • Cairo: Pay with Cash or Visa
  • Alex: Pay with Cash Only