Learning outcome:-

  • Introducing the types of financial securities firms and its functions.
  • Procedures of listing companies in the Egyptian stock exchange
  • Requirements of listing the small and medium companies in the NileEx.
  • Types of stock exchange crimes and manipulations.
  • Procedures of reconciliation the stock market crimes.
  • Arbitration techniques with financial companies in accordance to  the market disputes.


Course outline:-

  • Financial securities firms and its establishment.
  • Brief on the stock exchange market.
  • Entities companies go to in order to issue shares in the stock exchange.
  • The Egyptian stock exchange role in accordance to the Egyptian law.
  • The Egyptian financial supervisory authority role and specializations.
  • The Nilex and its simplified procedures and conditions to facilitate the listing process. 
  • The most common stock market crimes and manipulations.
  • Reconciliation and the expiration of the criminal case in the financial markets authority crimes.
  • Judgment of Unconstitutional arbitration in stock market crimes.
  • The Arbitration Centre role established in accordance to law no10 of 2009

- Course fee: 
- Payment Method: 
1- Cash: (full amount or 50% at the registration)

2- Bank Transfer: Alex bank account 144038226001

3- Vodafone Cash number: 01025753652

Course hours: 30 Hours

Time: Monday & Tuesday

Duration: Month

Certificates and a recommendation are given to those who met the following five conditions:-

1-Attended 85% of the classes
2-Passed the final tests with 75%
3-Delivered their assignments with an average of 85%
4-Presented at the final competitions and
5-Exceeded 75% for their research project and final presentations

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