Learning outcome:-

• Establishing, reviewing and maintaining accurate and up to date policies and procedures. Such policies and procedures are including but are not limited to (Compliance manual, AML programs and risk based compliance monitoring program).
• Preparing all the required processes to comply with FATCA requirements and reporting to the IRS.
• Preparing and delivering Compliance induction sessions to the new joiners.
• Undertaking regular monitoring activities in accordance with the risk based compliance monitoring program.

Course outline:-

-The contemporary concept of internal control and commitment.
- The importance of internal control and commitment.
- Risk of non-compliance.
- The regulatory environment and regulatory procedures applied in companies operating in the capital market.
- Effective and efficient compliance system.
- Tasks and duties of the compliance officer.
- Skills required by the compliance officer.
- The most common crimes, abuses and irregularities that occur in the financial markets.
- Risk-based control procedures.
- Contemporary challenges facing the compliance officer and the tools to deal with them.

- Course fee: 
- Payment Method: 
1- Cash: (full amount or 50% at the registration)

2- Bank Transfer: Alex bank account 144038226001

3- Vodafone Cash number: 01025753652

Course hours: 30 Hours

Time: Monday & Tuesday

Duration: Month

Certificates and a recommendation are given to those who met the following five conditions:-

1-Attended 85% of the classes
2-Passed the final tests with 75%
3-Delivered their assignments with an average of 85%
4-Presented at the final competitions and
5-Exceeded 75% for their research project and final presentations

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