Learning outcome:-

• Expand your Legal, academic and professional vocabulary
• Communicate more confidently
• Speak more accurately and fluently
• Participate more successfully in meetings and interviews
• Improve your Legal written skills
• Improve your understanding of grammar

Course outline:-

• Legal vocabulary 
• The general grammar required for writing & speaking
• legal texts & court judgments 
• Taking part in simulated meetings and negotiations
• British Legal English & American Legal English – Which to use and how to understand the differences in terminology
• Idiomatic use of Legal English
• How to write effectively. Includes drafting legal documents, Legal opinions, reports, e-mail.
• Advanced  professional &academic Legal English 
• Language practice: case studies.

- Course fee: 
- Payment Method: 
1- Cash: (full amount or 50% at the registration)

2- Bank Transfer: Alex bank account 144038226001

3- Vodafone Cash number: 01025753652

Course hours: 30 Hours

Time: Monday & Tuesday

Duration: Month

Certificates and a recommendation are given to those who met the following five conditions:-

1-Attended 85% of the classes
2-Passed the final tests with 75%
3-Delivered their assignments with an average of 85%
4-Presented at the final competitions and
5-Exceeded 75% for their research project and final presentations

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