Learning outcome:-

 What is arbitration.
- Difference between Arbitration, meditation, and conciliation.
- Drafting and analyzing contracts for your clients interest.
- Conflicts of laws in arbitration.
- Procedures for arbitration.
- How to improve your presentation skills. (with practice).
- Mini cases and trials.
- Moot court

Course outline:-

The Arbitration Agreement: characteristics, validity, scope, applicable law, transfer, termination
- The Arbitration Proceedings: seat of the arbitration, commencing and managing proceedings, terms of reference, evidence, interim relief, hearings and awards; choosing arbitration rules.
- Law Governing the Merits of the Dispute
- Simulated Arbitration Exercise: drafting the arbitration clause, requesting arbitration/responding to request, initial conference, terms of reference, drafting statements of claim/defense, challenges to arbitrators, interim relief, witnesses, hearings, drafting an arbitral award

- Course fee: 
- Payment Method: 
1- Cash: (full amount or 50% at the registration)

2- Bank Transfer: Alex bank account 144038226001

3- Vodafone Cash number: 01025753652

Course hours: 30 Hours

Time: Monday & Tuesday

Duration: Month

Certificates and a recommendation are given to those who met the following five conditions:-

1-Attended 85% of the classes
2-Passed the final tests with 75%
3-Delivered their assignments with an average of 85%
4-Presented at the final competitions and
5-Exceeded 75% for their research project and final presentations

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