Learning outcome:- Drafting Labor contracts and it’s annexes  Drafting Model sanctions list for the employees. How to handle the insurance file from the legal aspect. How to draft the Different administrative decisions and it’s  implementation procedures. How to conduct administrative investigations of all kinds,& how to write it’s memos and real life cases. Representation of private companies before the Labor Office and related procedures. issuing work and residency permits for foreign workers. How to negotiate labor disputes. Course outline:- Employment Contract Law No. 47 for the year 1978 governing civil servants Employee subscription procedures and ending the relationship between the employee and the company Subscription percentages for the company and the employee Insurance rights and compensations Law No. 203 for the year 1991, addressing special requirements for employees working in the public commercial (business) sector of the State

- Course fee: 
- Payment Method: 
1- Cash: (full amount or 50% at the registration)

2- Bank Transfer: Alex bank account 144038226001

3- Vodafone Cash number: 01025753652

Course hours: 24 Hours

Time: Monday & Tuesday

Duration: Month

Certificates and a recommendation are given to those who met the following five conditions:-

1-Attended 85% of the classes
2-Passed the final tests with 75%
3-Delivered their assignments with an average of 85%
4-Presented at the final competitions and
5-Exceeded 75% for their research project and final presentations

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