MPL is now in Iraq

On the 8th of May 2020 our CEO, Ibrahim Mossad has signed an exclusive agency agreement with Mr. Mohammed Kazem Al-Otaibi the managing director of Seraj Al Adalah (A company whose capital is 100 million Dinar) and located in Al Basra - Iraq. To promote for MPL's legal services inside the Republic of Iraq.

Seraj Al Adalah for Legal Services is a leading company in the field of law and legal services in Iraq and Kuwait, founded from a panel of distinguished lawyers with exceptional efforts that meet the clients' Satisfaction and provides tangible guarantees to its clients that cover all aspects of their lives, institutions, private companies, and other Legal persons.

"Iraq is a very potential market for MPL Ibrahim Said, and it's our gate to access the rest of Gulf countries according to our expansion plan, and Kuwait is our next station"